Training In Thailand

Departs annually around the first week of August

This is an all-inclusive trip, which departs from Los Angeles.
Tour Package Includes:

  • Round-trip airfare from Los Angeles • First class hotel (double occupancy) Chaing Mai Plaza Hotel
  • Gourmet breakfast daily • Tuition at the Thai Massage School of Chaing Mai
  • Daily Transportation to school
  • Various transports hotels, airport, tours.
  • A Kantoke dinner
  • A city tour of Chaing Mai
  • A luxurious night at the Phu Chasi Mountain Resort Spa
  • Additional sight-seeing and activities: elephant ride, Maetang River rafting, a snake show, an overnight overland tour to the Golden Triangle to see Laos, Burma, Mekong River, visiting the hill tribes of the Ahkha, Lahu and Padon/long necks, see the ancient ruins of Chaing Sen, Buddhist temples and Doi Suthup Temples
  • $4,000 for two weeks includes all of the above and 60CEUs. These CEUs are given to you directly from the Thai Massage School.
  • Includes 2 weeks (60 hours of CEUs) of daily Thai Massage Training at The Thai Massage School of Chaing Mai.

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