Classroom Environment

Class Environment
People store a variety of energies, memories, subconscious and conscious emotions in their tissues. The classroom community provides a safe place to experience the therapeutic relationship. Together we tap into the power of massage therapy, allowing students the process of personal healing and edification. Live mutual student feedback is essential to learning, so you are required to frequently work with everyone else in the class. This tends to foster strong friendships among students. Many say INT is a perfect retreat from their normal lives, a “spa weekend”. Remember, you are receiving a world class massage therapy half the time you are in class!

Dress and Hygiene
Working together in close proximity, students’ personal hygiene is important. This includes washing hands before and after every massage session, showering regularly, having clean finger nails, and meeting other requirements that are found in the Student Policy Handbook.

Dogs, Cats, Kids, and Babies
Babies, pets, dogs, and young children are permitted on a trial basis in class providing they are well behaved, safe, and do not disturb the class. Animals are required to be trained to be well-behaved, potty-trained, non-threatening, and non-shedding.

Student: Teacher Ratio
Our classes are exclusively limited to 22 students per class. We offer very specialized multi-level advanced training, which requires explicit individual attention. We guarantee a 12:1 practical instruction ratio and a 25:1 lecture ratio.

Out-of-Class Assignments and Practice Proficiency
Massage therapy is an amazing healing art form as well as a technical profession. Proficiency requires practice – the same way playing a musical instrument requires practice. You are required to log 100 hours of massage therapy out of the classroom, and complete weekly workbook assignments. As an INT student, you can expect to average four to six hours per week completing out-of-class study. You are required to keep logged massage practice current with the class delivery schedule and level of techniques. “Practice makes perfect”, as they say, and your out-of-class massage therapy practice is checked every class.

Campus Travel
We are located outside Hancock, Michigan, in the western region of Michigan’s greater Upper Peninsula in the EST zone.
Driving time to INT: Mackinaw Bridge & S.S. Marie are 5 hours; Iron Mountain is 3 hours: Marquette is 2 hours; and Duluth, MN, is 4 hours. We recommend if you live more than two hours away you arrive in town the night before class. Please plan time to drive safely on our snowy and icy winter roads. We normally do not close for snow days unless the roads themselves have been closed.

Campus Accommodations

  • Hancock Magnuson Copper Crown in Hancock (906) 482-6111 $55.00$65.00/night for two. Pool, spa, and breakfast are included. Pets welcome. Mention you are an INT massage class student. Most nearby hotels will provide a good rate if you commit to staying regularly so it is wise to enquire at all hotels.
  • Private Previous INT graduates often offer inexpensive rooms in their homes. For the last 10 years students have enjoyed a “free stay” at a friend of INT’s home near campus. A fun place to BYO sleeping bag and mat. This changes from year to year so please inquire after you are enrolled and class starts.
  • Camping at INT. We own 130 acres of wildlife preserve, which is a fiveminute walk to school. Free rustic camping is available to students with the director’s permission. Camp at your own risk. Nearby McClain’s State Park and Hancock Public Beach offer camping with showers and cooking facilities.
  • Living near INT while attending class. Some students move to the Hancock area while attending INT. It is possible to find inexpensive rent, and temporary/subsistence employment.
  • INT Campus building is located in the boundaries of the Keweenaw Historical National Park in the village of Paavola. Constructed in 1895 to serve the the good cause of a Finnish temperance society known as Nouse Ratius Seuran Jasenet. These people were oppressed Lutheran copper miners who met to promote occupational fairness in the mines, civil liberty, love of Christ, and cherished family values in a life style of purity and sobriety. Now locally called the “Paavola Hall” has served the community diversely through the past 121 years. Our building has hosted has 3 Apostolic churches, a Unitarian Church, a town hall, public library, a gym, an actor’s guild and Became the Paavola Sr. Citizen’s Club in 1975. Wanting to share the dream of a natural healing school, The Sr. Citizen’s Club generously donated the building to INT in 1994. For breaks there is facility where students may prepare their own lunches, a sauna and lap pool nearby and refreshing country road walk ways to enjoy just outside the door. The hall is located five minutes driving time from restaurants, Keweenaw natural foods coop, stores, malls, hotels, a 24/7 gym churches, hospitals, and central Houghton/Hancock.

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