Tuition and Payments: Levels I-III cost is $6,500.00

Up to $850.00 off tuition in enrollment incentives available for you!

The total cost of our Level I-III program is $6,500.00 and includes text books and a massage therapy table to keep when you complete our entire program. An initial payment of $2,500.00 and a $300.00 book/table deposit is required to be submitted simultaneously before class begins. You receive the book/table deposit returned to you as a tuition credit in level III. After initial tuition payment and deposit then the balance of tuition owed ($4,000.00) is submitted in 11 monthly payments including: 8 monthly payments of $364.00 and your last 3 payments of $264.00. If you qualify for any of our discounts listed below, your level 3 payments can be much lower.

Please note: The first of the 11 monthly payments is due on the very first day of class. We highly recommend this above plan. We require a minimal of $1,500.00 + $300.00 book deposit to enter any level. At present there are some forms of loans and financial aid available please see the full catalog.

We are pleased to offer Level 3 the following discounts:

Please note discount contingencies: A minimal $2,500.00 initial payment is required to be eligible for any discount. I N T retracts and withdraws all discounts if enrollment is not “complete” by the discount date (Early birds) or by September 6 (Pre pay, travel or special). Please and kindly see “complete enrollment” below. You cannot apply your discount to lower your initial payment or tuition payments until you are in level 3. All discounts are terminated by I N T on September 6, and are no longer available after. Discounts are only available for level 3 students who are attending an entire consecutive year program.

$350.00 May 1 Early Bird Enrollment Discount – Be completely
enrolled before May 1. ($550.00 as you are also eligible for the August 1 discount also)
$200.00 August 1 Early Bird Enrollment Discount - Be completely enrolled before August 1 (May 1st enrollees are eligible for both the May 1st and August 1 discount = $550.00.)
$200.00 Pre-Pay Total Tuition Discount – Pre-pay your total tuition in one lump sum received by I N T before September 6, and receive a $200.00 tuition credit in level 3. Can be applied with other discounts and you will not need the additional book deposit.
$100.00 Travel Discount: If you can substantiate your daily, permanent
residence is a 100 mile or more commute to I N T on a regular class meeting basis then and remains so, we will offer you a onetime $100.00 tuition credit. Can be applied with other discounts but expires September 6. Travel discount may be withdrawn if the student changes residence and lives closer at any time after September 6.

Family and Special needs Discounts: We also offer discounts for families, parent/children, or spouses who may enroll simultaneously. We often consider special needs situations and all family and special need discounts are determined on an individual basis. “Complete Enrollment” before September 6 is required for family and special needs discounts. Offer expires after September 6.

Complete Enrollment = ALL your materials and documents, interview, and a minimal initial payment of $2500.00 is received. When you have been informed of your acceptance at INT then this is defined as “complete enrollment”. Documents are required to be US mailed in or dropped off at the school in “hard copy”. Faxed or e-mailed documents are not eligible for discount when submitted on the day of the discount date deadlines. If you are in the process of enrolling, or if you have one piece of paper missing from your file, or someone did not send a transcript or a letter you will not be eligible for any discounts. All enrollment must be complete by October 30th or students may be subject to penalties or other policy regulations.

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More Details About Tuition/ Payments

How to pay for our program

  1. Please include a $25.00 application fee with your application.
  2. Level 1 – 3 Standard Payment Plan: Please submit a $2,500.00 Initial payment along with a $300.00 book table deposit.
  3. Alternate Payment Arrangements: A minimal $1,500.00 initial payment with a $300.00 book/ table deposit is a required minimal to enroll in any level. Levels need to be paid for in full as completed.
  4. Your first monthly payment is due the very first day of class.
  5. Late Enrollment- If you have enrolled for level 3 very late, after the program began than books and table will not be included with your tuition.
  6. Wisconsin students are required to submit a $100.00 out of state fee.

Enrolling in levels separately:

Books/ tables are not included when enrolling in levels separately. If you enroll in Level I only but choose to continue through all 3 levels, I N T will include your books and table with your tuition in level 3. A payment plan for Level I is not available unless you continue through the levels consecutively in the same program year.
Tuition discounts are not available when enrolling in any level separately.
Please note refund policy and transfer policy in the full catalog.

Level I Introductory Massage Therapist

When enrolling in level 1 separately cost is $1,500.00 + $300 for text books/ table. Separate enrollment in level 1 includes 100 hours of classroom training. Perspective applicants are welcome to sit in on the first day or any day of class with no fee. To participate in class as a student therapist please submit and completed application materials + a $25.00 app fee.

Level II Intermediat Therapist

Prerequisite Level 1. Or equivalent training supported by: transcripts, practical
and written test (see full catalog).
Cost is $1,500.00 + $300.00 for books/table / Levels 1 and 2 cost a total of $3,000.00. If you have taken the program consecutively from level 1 then you may pay the remaining $1,500.00 in 3 x $500.00 payments beginning Nov. 1st thru Jan.1st.

Level III Advanced Terapeutics

Prerequisites include levels 1 and 2 or transcript support of equivalent training. Written and practical test required and various test fees (see full catalog).
Separate enrollment in level 3 cost is $3600.00 tuition.
There is an initial payment of $1,500.00 due before starting class then 5 payments of $440.00/month beginning the first class meeting in January. Students are required to purchase their own books and table before attending.

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Refund Policy

The tuition and fees paid by the applicant shall be refunded if the applicant is rejected by the school before enrollment. An application fee of not more than $25.00 may be retained by the school if the application is denied. All tuition and fees paid by the applicant shall be refunded if requested within 3 business days after signing a contract with the school. All refunds shall be returned within 30 business days. Once the 3 business days have elapsed, the following policies will apply:

Refunds are calculated from the total non-discounted tuition cost of the course and the class payment schedule. This also means-if a student is behind in their payments, the tuition refund will be calculated from the standard class payment schedule (what the student actually owes at the time they drop) whether they have kept up with their payments or not. Massage tables, upgrades, equipment purchases, sales tax, shipping/handling charges are all non-refundable and products are all non-returnable after the first weekend of class . Students are eligible to return books/table and receive a refund on their book/table deposit providing they are still in new condition and are returned by 4pm on the Sunday of the first weekend of that student’s scheduled class.

All cancellations must be received in writing

  1. A student will receive a 100% tuition refund if they cancel enrollment within 3 business days of signing the enrollment contract.
  2. A student will receive 100% tuition refund any time they cancel before the first class.
  3. A student will receive a 100% tuition refund if they do not meet admissions requirements.
  4. Students can cancel enrollment before 4 p.m. on the first weekend of class and receive an 90% refund of prepaid tuition. Return books and tables before leaving class that day and receive book/table deposit refund. Cancel after the first class adjourns up to midnight of October 15th and receive a 50% refund of prepaid tuition. Books/tables are non-refundable after adjournment of the first weekend of scheduled class.
    After midnight of October 15, there are no refunds/no exceptions.
  5. Students who enroll in the levels separately can receive 90% pre paid tuition refund if enrollment is canceled by adjournment of their first scheduled class weekend. There are no refunds after. Test fees, transfer fees, reentry fees are all totally non-refundable.
  6. Students who happen to enroll and attend later are subject to all refund deadlines whether they availed themselves to the first scheduled classes or not.
  7. Please allow several business days when mailing anything. All cancellations must be received in writing at the school on the due date before midnight of October 15. Postmarked requests on that date will not qualify for meeting the refund deadline.


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Financial Aid / Transfers

Financial Aid

There are some financial aid programs available through your local Michigan Works Office but contact them early on. Michigan and Veterans Rehabilitation Services has funded tuition for INT students. Conveniently accessible loans are now available to those who live in a rural area (most of us) from Michigan Rural Rehabilitation Corporation. Call 1-800-835-0560 ask for Lisa Howell. INT is a non-accredited school and cannot accept funds from: Guaranteed Student Loans, Pell Grants, GI Bill, Veterans Administration Benefits, Stafford Loans, Michigan Tuition Grants and other forms of federal funding.

Transferring into our Program

Students wishing to transfer into our program with previous training may do so at any level providing they meet the following requirements. Display verified evidence, transcripts or proof of previous massage therapy training. Including anatomy, physiology and pathology. The training transferred in must be in compliance with the state of Michigan massage therapy licensing law of accepted curriculums. Complete a written and practical pretest. There is an additional $300.00 non-refundable entry fee which covers the cost of your application fee, pretesting, file reviews and correspondences. Transferees will not be provided text books and massage tables and are required to purchase these items on their own before starting class.


Previous students who withdrew in good standing may re-enter a future program only once within a 12 month period of withdraw date. Circumstances of withdraw (medical/other hardship) are all classified as general “withdraw”. INT does not offer special “leave” provisions for any special circumstances. Please be advised we cannot guarantee re-entrance acceptance, class availability, or future locations. Re-entrance is contingent on class size. Enrollment preference is given to new enrollees. Students re-entering are required to meet the following criteria;

  • Request in writing to re-enter.
  • Resubmit a current application and health form.
  • Submit a $300 re-entry fee (includes re-entrance exam.)
  • Pay current tuition rates if there is an increase.
  • Take and pass a written and practical massage test.

Books and tables are not included and previous discounts will not be applied. If text books and equipment have changed it is the student’s responsibility to purchase and update these materials before coming to class.

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Tables / Textbooks

Massage Tables

(Provided for Level III students only)

Tuition for level III students includes an Earthlite Inner Strength standard, portable massage therapy table with protective carry case with adjustable legs and deluxe adjustable headrest. Students can upgrade to a more deluxe table and receive a tuition credit. We will discuss details the first day of class and you will have a chance to see and try the different up grades. We do not mark up or make a profit on books or tables and we sell/transfer products to our students at our wholesale cost. This makes good fortune for our students as you can get something like a $650.00 Earthlite Luna with all the deluxe accessories for about $400.00. If you already own a massage table then you will receive a tuition credit on your tuition. Please check the box application on the for a tuition table credit when you submit your application. Students required to bring their books and tables to every class.

Required Texts

The following books are required class texts. They are included in Leve III tuition and will be provided by the school to students who continue all three levels in the same year of the program. (Students who may already own these books will not receive financial credit on their tuition.)

The Anatomy Coloring Book (3rd Edition)
by Wynn Kapit & Lawerence M. Elson
ISBN 0-8053-5086-1
Published by Benjamin Cummings

Tappan’s Handbook of Healing Massage Techniques
(5th Edition)

by Patricia J. Benjamin
ISBN 0-13-514223-7
Published by Prentice Hall
Structure & Function of the Body (13th Edition)
by Gary Thibodeau, PhD & Devin Patton, PhD
ISBN 0-32-304991-5
Published by Mosby
Study Guide for Structure & Function of the Body
(13th Edition)

by Linda Swisher
Publsihed by Mosby

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Supplies / Insurance


Students are expected to bring their own notebooks, pens, two clean sets of twin sheets, 4 bath size towels, at least two standard size pillows with several changes of cases to class. We show how to mix and make your own natural herbal essence oils and supply oils for the first few classes. During clinic sessions, students are required to have fresh supplies for about 5 massage sessions/day. We recommend a big rolling duffel bag for class supplies.


Insurance is required for all levels of enrollment (Levels I-III). INT has arranged a special program with American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). Students at INT will receive a three million dollar student liability insurance policy for $99.00 per year. This is an extra cost paid for by the student and is not included in the tuition. Your insurance form will be mailed to you upon receipt of your application.

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