Free Lecture & Open House!

Take advantage of these great opportunities to learn about the exciting and rewarding profession of massage therapy! View class texts and explore various aspects of the profession by speaking directly to massage therapists that work in the Upper Peninsula, Northern Michigan, and Wisconsin. Meet staff and graduates, and develop a thorough concept of the Michigan Massage Profession. Annual Open House events are being held on August 28, 2016 at 3:00 p.m. at the Hancock Campus.

Please RSVP for Open House by calling 906.482.2222 or via e-mail at For the students’ convenience, applications and payments are accepted at Open House events.


At the INT Main Campus – 21464 Paavola Road | 906.482.2222

The main campus administration building is located In the Keweenaw Historic National Park, three miles north of Hancock, in the quaint village of Paavola. Quite unique, and historically significant, the building was constructed in 1897 by the neighborhood Finnish Nouse Society (a communist/ temperance society that shunned alcohol use). The campus served through history as several churches including an Apostolic Lutheran Church and a Unity Church. It also served as a town hall, a village library, an actor’s club, a gym, and in 1994 was the Paavola Sr. Citizens Club. It was the Paavola Sr. Citizens Club that generously donated the hall to INT, sharing the dream of a massage therapy school. The campus has an 80 acre wild life reserve where students may enjoy camping, cross country skiing, hiking, meditation, and discovering how nature heals.

Directions to INT’s Hancock Campus:
1. Travel US 41 North, three miles north of Hancock (on Quincy Hill).
2. When you see the Quincy Mining Museum continue one mile north on US 41.
3. Turn right onto Paavola Road (east).
4. Take Paavola Rd. about one mile and you will see a blue and white old-fashioned school house near the end of Paavvola Rd.
5. The INT building says “Paavola Sr. Citizen’s Club” over the door.

Hancock Open House: August 28, 2016 at 3:00 p.m.

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