Annual Training in Thailand

Annual Training in Thailand Scheduled Every Summer

Departs around the first week of August. Please call/email for details.

This is an all-inclusive trip, which departs from Los Angeles.

The package includes:

  • Round-trip airfare from Los Angeles
  • First class hotel (double occupancy) in the Chaing Mai Plaza Hotel
  • Gourmet breakfast every day and some lunches
  • Tuition at the Thai Massage School of Chaing Mai
  • Transportation to and from school daily (TMC school only)
  • Transportation from airports to hotels and various transfers
  • A Kantoke dinner with national Thai folk dancers, music and special Thai magic tricks
  • A city tour of Chaing Mai
  • One night in Bangkok, temple tour and a tour of the Wat Pho, one of the oldest massage schools in the world
  • A luxurious night at the Phu Chasi Mountain Resort for a spa getaway
  • Additional sight-seeing and activities: elephant riding, Maetang River rafting, a snake show, an overnight overland tour to the Golden Triangle to see Laos, Burma, (famous for opium smuggling areas), Mekong River (remember the Vietnam War?), visiting the hill tribes of the Ahkha, Lahu and Padong/long necks, visiting the ancient ruins of Chaing Sen, Buddhist temples (including the Doi Suthep temple)
    • $3700.00 for 2 weeks includes all the above and 60 CEUs
      These CEUs are given to students directly from the Thai Massage school
    • $3300.00 base price for trip without tuition. This is the approximate price for friends or family you may bring, or if you would like to attend a different Thai Massage School. Students can extend their stay—tickets are easily changed. There are plenty of things for families and friends to do in Chaing Mai, including Thai cooking classes. The space in classes at the Thai Massage School is reserved for massage students only.

Please visit the websites of places we will be going for more information:

  • All travel costs are subject to change: please call INT to confirm details before making prepaid flights, employment or other arrangements.
  • Everyone welcome: you do not have to be an INT student to attend.
  • Only 20 seats available
  • $500.00 deposit due ASAP to reserve your space
  • Total payment due by May 1, 2012

Course Description

All classes are approved by The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Body Work for continuing educational credits (CEUs) and the Thailand Ministry of Education. INT Is an affiliate of the Thai Massage School of Chaing Mai. For a more detailed description please go to

Thai Level I • 30 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)

Basic Thai massage Wat Pho style. For learners who wish to acquire original Thai Massage skills and who would like to learn this method in the Thai Way. Class creates a strong foundation in traditional Thai Massage with 134 introductory positions. We sometimes teach this level in Michigan. Call the school for more info.

Thai Level II • 30 CEUs

Thai Massage enhancement for students of Level I. The goal is 30 hours of supervised practice to instill confidence. The first 134 positions have additional stretches and pressure point moves. This course is added to the foundational Thai Massage. Also taught in Michigan as well as Thailand.

Thai Level III • 30 CEUs

Treating ailments through Thai Massage and Thai herb packs. Special need Thai Massage for babies, elderly, and different illness like headache, sprained back, knee problems. Somewhat advanced “high risk” massage moves and stretches. This class is exclusively taught at T.M.C. in Thailand.

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